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Attention Minors and Parents!

For our customers who are younger than 18 years of age

We are happy to welcome you to our store but we have to follow the rules of the health department in order to help you.  BOTH the minor and parent need to have State Issued ID’s.  Please refer to the list below.

If you would like to get pierced or tattooed at our store please bring with you:

1- Your own parent.

2- Your parents ID which can include a drivers license, state issued photo ID or Passport.

3- Your ID.  (Here’s the tricky part, pay attention!) This can be either a state issued photo ID, learners permit, passport, or a school ID ALONG WITH birth certificate.  School ID does not work with out your birth certificate.

4- If your last name is different from your parent please provide proof that they are your parent.




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